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Theatre Japan

THEATRE JAPAN Please join us for an afternoon full of Japanese cultural experiences! The one and only Ashland Taiko will open the event with soulful sound of Taikos. Kyogen will be performed right after and we will be sucked in a very unique comedy world that the Theatre of Yugen creates. You really don’t want to miss it.   Date : Sunday, March 20, 2016 Time : Door opens at 1pm Ashland Taiko Performance at 2pm Kyogen – It’s “Noh” joke (Traditional Japanese Comedy performed in English) by Theatre of Yugen at 2:30pm Place : SOU Music Recital Hall...

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SAVE TAKATA (セーブタカタ)

People at SAVE TAKATA have been doing an amazing job supporting people at their home town “Rikuzen-Takata” in Iwate prefecture. You can see their accomplishments at their website, 震災後に地元出身者の方々で結成された『SAVE TAKATA』は、陸前高田市の復興を目指し日々素晴らしい活動をされています。ウェブサイトにて活動内容が随時更新されておりますので是非ご覧下さい。 こちらが『SAVE TAKATA』のウェブサイトです。 引き続き、...

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Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra (仙台フィルハーモニーオーケストラ)

Sendai Philharmonic Orchestra has been offering the victims of Earthquake and Tsunami a wonderful support by giving them classical music performances in affected areas and evacuation shelters. 『仙台フィルハーモニーオーケストラ/音楽の力による復興センター』では、被災地へ出向き、被災された方々の為に復興チャリティークラシックコンサートを開催されていらっしゃいます。 こちらが仙台フィルハーモニーオーケストラのウェブサイトです。

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What We’ve Accomplished

With the huge support of our community, we have made several donations to the victims of the earthquake and the tsunami. We would like to thank each one of you for making this happen by believing in JA-SO. Here are the receipt of where and how much we’ve sent to Japan so far. Together with the receipt, we’ve listed some information of these organizations. We kindly ask you for your ongoing support. 地元の方々の暖かいご支援とご協力により、JA-SOでは被災者の方々への義援金を送る事が出来ました。JA-SOメンバー一同、心から感謝致します。...

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