1. 東日本大震災被災地、被災者への継続的な支援活動
  2. 会員による、日米交流・日本理解等にかかわる地域での活動の推進
  3. 地域日本人同士の交流の推進(情報のネットワーク化、日本文化のサポート)
  4. 子供の日本文化継承活動の場所を提供(行事、日本語教材の共有、日本人ライブラリーの設立)

JA-SOの活動に興味のある方は、jasoinfo@gmail.com まで、ご連絡ください。

JA-SO is an organization that was created after the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan this past March 11th, 2011.  Our missions are:

  1. Continuing support for the victims of the aftermath of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant.
  2. Promote Japanese-American exchange of activities and culture in the community.
  3. Promote interaction with Japanese people in the community.
  4. Promote Japanese traditional and cultural activities.

If you are interested in JA-SO activities, please email at jasoinfo@gmail.com.