JA-SO presents : A field trip to Herb Pharm

Herb Pharm in Williams

Join us for "JA-SO's Field Trip" to Harb Pharm in Williams on Saturday September 5th, 2015.
There will be a guided tour, tea ceremony and fun craft making for everyone!
It's going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!

Date : Saturday September 5th, 2015
Time : 11:30am - 15:30pm
Place : Herb Pharm / 110 Bonilinda Ln Williams, OR

Please bring your own lunch / water bottle. (It's a picnic!)
There will be a charge for non-members.

For more information, please contact : Sayaka Lean / sayaka427@hotmail.com


Thank you for your support and generous donations at CINEMA JAPAN.
Here is the breakdown of what we are sending to the Children of Fukushima.

Fukushima Aiikuen : $1025
Takenoko Nursery : $1025
(International wiring fee included)
Books to the Board of Education of Fukushima : $206.10
(Shipping fee included)


CINEMA JAPAN - In Memory of Earthquake in March 2011 -

This year, as our Annual fundraising event, JA-SO is hosting a movie showing of 2 wonderful Japanese movies for everyone in the community.
It is absolutely FREE of charge but there is limited seating of 150 seats.
Come early and give yourself some time to take a look at the informative displays and crafts that we have prepared for this event.
We will have some refreshments for you as well!
DONATIONS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED / Profits will be donated to support Children of Fukushima.

Please see below for more details and come see us at "CINEMA JAPAN"!!!


Date : Sunday March 8th, 2015
Place : The Meese Auditorium (SOU Art Building)
Movies :
My Neighbor TOTORO (88 minutes) starting at 12:45pm
Departures(130 minutes) starting at 3:00pm

Please note :
Ticketing for TOTORO starts at 12:00pm
Ticketing for Departures starts at 2:15pm

Hope to see you there!!!



場所:The Meese Auditoriun (SOU Art Building)


ご意見/ご質問がございましたら、jasoinfo@gmail.com までご連絡下さい。


JA-SO Board Members for 2015

Here are the JA-SO Board Members for 2014.

President : Noriko Hansen
Secretary : Chikako Smith
Treasurer : Keiko Lull
Publicity : Sayaka Lean
Member Service : Sayuri Wells
Community Service : Kaoru Kelsey

We THANK YOU so much for your on-going support!

For Children in Fukushima / 福島の子供達へ

We are very pleased to inform you that we have sent these amount of the donation listed below for the Children in Fukushima, Japan.

Fukushima Aiikuen (An orphanage in Fukushima / www1a.biglobe.ne.jp/fukushimaaiikuen/index.html ) : $1683.48
Aozora Hoiku Takenoko (A Nursery School in Fukushima / aozoratakenoko.blog28.fc2.com ) : $965
Very soon, we will be sending $250 worth of books to the Board of Education of Fukushima as well.

We would like to THANK ALL OF YOU who made this donation possible.

JAPAN NIGHT 2014 の収益金を、以下の2施設に送金致しました事をご報告させて頂きます。






JA-SO invites you to an evening where you will be transported to Japan to enjoy sharing
some Japanese culture and a traditional Japanese-Style bento dinner!
This is JA-SO's 3rd year to host a fundraising event to support the Great East Japan Earthquake
and Tsunami victims. This year, we will be supporting the children of Fukushima.
Please join us and be a part of this great night!!!

JAPAN NIGHT 2014 (Limited to 100 Seats)

Date : March 16th, 2014 (Sunday)
Place : Ashland Community Center
Time : 4pm : Door opens, Exhibit & Appetizer / 5pm : Show & Dinner begins

A Traditional Japanese-Style Bento Box dinner from
"MUSASHI Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine" in Grants Pass.

Exhibit of "Tohoku and Fukushima : Now"
Handmade craft sale by JA-SO
JA-SO Singers
Ashland Taiko
Aikan Dojo of Aikido Yoshinkai
JA-SO's KIMONO Fashion Show
Koto Performance by Mitsuki Dazai

Tickets : $28 (Available at www.ja-so311.org or http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/578247
/ E-mail us at jasoinfo@gmail.com)

We are accepting your kind donation to make JAPAN NIGHT 2014 a great success!
(At the event or mail to : JA-SO / PO Box 412 Ashland, OR)
501c3, tax ID# 45-0953841

Thank you in advance for your wonderful support!

Hope to see you there!!!

JA-SO Board Members for 2014

Here are the JA-SO Board Members for 2014.

President : Noriko Hansen
Secretary : Chikako Smith
Treasurer : Akiko Ellis
Publicity : Sayaka Lean
Member Service : Sayuri Wells
Community Service : Yuko Yamanouchi
Fundraising : Chinami Bortoff

We THANK YOU so much for your on-going support!

JA-SO Chorus Group on NHK!

As a part of "JAPAN WEEK" in March, JA-SO members got together and sang a very special song called "Hana wa Saku (Flowers will bloom) " which was created in order to support the victims of The Great East Japan Earthquake. We've submitted the video to NHK Japan for their project and are now featured on their website! Please go to http://www.nhk.or.jp/ashita/hanaboshu/video/20130613_2.html#video and watch the video!!! (We are on #14 at 00:36)

JAPAN WEEK の一貫として、NHK『100万人の花は咲く』プロジェクトに参加させて頂きました。


Well, people in Rogue Valley...you did it again. You made a successful JAPAN WEEK possible!
We would like to thank EACH ONE OF YOU who took the time to participate at any of our events.
Your support means so much to us!!!
Thank you again and we can't wait to see you at our next event!

皆様の暖かいご支援のお陰で、JAPAN WEEK も大成功に終わる事が出来ました!

JAPAN WEEK March 10 - 15, 2013

JA-SO will be sponsoring “JAPAN WEEK” this year by honoring the victims of the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Northeast Japan.
Our purpose is to not only support the victims by raising much-needed funds (although they are
making great progress, there are still major problems), but to also share Japanese culture with the
community as appreciation to our Rogue Valley supporters.

Though this is not a fundraising event like the JAPAN NIGHT of last year, we would like to encourage everyone to contribute to this cause. Donations of 100 dollars and more are greatly appreciated. All the proceeds from JAPAN WEEK are going to support the victims of the 2011 Earthquake/Tsunami/Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Northeast Japan.
Your generous contributions can be made at any of the JAPAN WEEK events below or by mail to: JA-SO PO Box 997 Ashland, OR 97520. (You will receive our NPO receipt.)

As the first event of JAPAN WEEK ,we are showing The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom and Light Up Nippon due to the generous support of the Consulate of Japan, Portland OR. and Supply and Demand of Los Angeles. Please check out the trailers below for a preview of these wonderful and very heart touching films!


Japanese Homestyle Cooking Class and Exploring Haiku and Art Workshop are presented by instructors from our own talented membership. You will learn great tips on how to make
yummy authentic Japanese home cooking and beautiful Japanese Haiku poetry.

We hope many people will come and enjoy JAPAN WEEK!!

Noriko Hansen / JA-SO President

Schedule & Details of Events

Sunday, March 10 2013
The Meese Auditorium (SOU Art Building)
Doors Open: 2:30pm Film Begins: 3:00pm
FREE ADMISSION (160 seats available on a first come first serve basis)

The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom (Starts at 3:00pm)
Academy Award Nominated & Sundance Film Festival Prize Winner
Light Up Nippon ~ Fireworks that lifted Japan (Starts at 3:50pm)
Documentary Film

Thursday, March 14 2013
Japanese Home-style Cooking Class
Ashland Food Co-op
6:30pm – 8:30pm
$35 ($30 for Co-op Members)
Call (541) 482-2237 to register
Instructor: Etsuko Jensen
• Mix rice with carrot, pea, dandelion green and pine nuts
• Miso soup with tofu, wakame, shiitake mushroom and green onion
• Grilled fish with miso (optional: tofu)
• Burdock, carrot and daikon nitsuke
• Kale with sesame sauce
• Gyoza dumplings with shrimp/tofu, Chinese cabbage and green onions
• Steamed bread with maccha-green tea and sweet beans

Friday, March 15 2013
Exploring Haiku and Art Workshop
Hannon Library – Room 206 (Southern Oregon University)
3:00pm – 4:30pm
Instructors: Diana Versluis,Michiko Wisdom and Liz Shepherd
Class Description:
This workshop starts with a brief introduction of Japanese haiku poetry of 5-7-5 lines. After writing their poems in English (or other language), participants will learn how to write the poem using "seal script" and modified sosho syle (the cursive style) calligraphy for artistic renderings of the poem. Different ways to display the poem (framed, on notecards, part of a collage) will be demonstrated. Pens, brushes, and a variety of paper will be supplied, including suminagashi paper.

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